Course For Reason – Synthesis Explored

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Learn advanced pro synthesis techniques with this tutorial app from This 28-tutorial course, from Reason expert J. Anthony Allen, uses Reason 8’s synths to teach you advanced synthesis techniques that are used by pro sound designers and musicians alike. If you’re into synthesis then this course is for you. J. Allen starts by explaining, in detail, the functions of the basic elements found in almost every synthesizer: Generating complex sounds with the oscillators and then shaping them to your will, using filters, amplifiers envelopes, LFOs and output processing. He then takes you through the process of creating complex dance music sounds using Reason’s arsenal of powerful synths and tools. Along the way, J. takes you further down the rabbit hole exploring classic and mind-bending sound design techniques such as granular synthesis, modulation, instrument layering, delay, compression and reverb. He’s deep into Maelstrom, combinators and more as this course dives further into the synthesis rabbit hole! Finally, you face the might of Thor! This extremely capable synth looks intimidating at first, but with the techniques you cover in this course, you can easily understand the "reason" behind its complex interface... or any synthesizer for that matter! So join J. Anthony Allen and learn synthesis as it pertains to the world of Reason 8! Table of Contents: 1. Welcome & Overview (02:39) 2. Synthesis Definitions & Types (05:23) 3. 4 Elements of a Synthesizer (02:32) 4. Designing Sounds with Subtractive Synthesis (03:10) 5. The Oscillator (07:38) 6. The Filter (07:58) 7. Envelopes (07:20) 8. Recipe #1: Gentle Pad (03:52) 9. Velocity Control (03:43) 10. LFOs (05:35) 11. Preset Analysis: Wobbilator Bass (04:38) 12. Recipe #2: Big Wobble Bass (04:36) 13. Designing Sounds with Graintable Synthesis (02:14) 14. The Malström Interface & Shaper (06:47) 15. Modulation in Malström (02:55) 16. Recipe #3: Ambience Tutorial (03:56) 17. Creating Layered Sounds in Reason (03:14) 18. Combining Subtractor & Malström Synths (05:25) 19. Recipe #4: Subtle Lead (06:33) 20. More MIDI Control (01:21) 21. Adding Audio Effects (04:28) 22. The Thor Interface (01:35) 23. Synthesis Elements from Subtractor & Malström (06:26) 24. Thor’s Step Sequencer (03:40) 25. The Modulation Matrix (02:15) 26. Preset Deconstruction: Percutron [Run] (02:56) 27. Recipe #5: Delayed Run (04:58) 28. Wrap-Up (01:50)