Course For Serum 101 – Serum Explored

OS X 10.9
This course app teaches you how to use Serum's soft synth to create amazing sounds! Inject your tracks with Serum... one of the coolest wavetable synths out there! See how this slick synth will immunize your tracks against those sickly, boring, sonic contagions that everybody else is using! "Doctor" Rishabh Rajan is here to inoculate you! Serum is contagious (in a good way) and in this course you see how this soft-synth is designed to get you creating amazing sounds in its wild, wavetable world. First off, Rishabh explains the anatomy of Serum's unusual and appealing GUI. It is in this section that you get acquainted with the functions behind all those buttons and tabs. You also learn how to interpret those cool, green waveform displays as you begin to construct your own library of sonic mutations. Then, Rishabh explains all the controls and Serum's vast galaxy of powerful effects. From there you're learning the features in the Matrix and Global where all kinds of routings and other global features shape your final concoction. So join Rishabh Rajan as he injects your musical soul with the wavetable synthesis capabilities of Serum! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction (01:34) 2. Serum Overview (03:50) 3. Oscillators A & B (07:14) 4. Understanding Wavetables (03:07) 5. Wavetable Editor (09:26) 6. FFT Editor (04:41) 7. Importing Audio to Wavetables (07:47) 8. Oscillator Warp Menu (09:26) 9. Sub & Noise Oscillator (04:51) 10. Filter Module (06:14) 11. Envelope Section (05:08) 12. LFO Section (08:32) 13. Hyper-Dimension, Chorus, Phaser & Flanger (07:35) 14. Distortion (03:47) 15. Delay & Reverb (06:20) 16. Compressor (03:50) 17. EQ (02:49) 18. Matrix Tab (06:24) 19. Global Tab: Part 1 (04:16) 20. Global Tab: Part 2 (07:59) 21. Voicing & Portamento Settings (05:05)