Craft Control HD

OS X 10.6.6
I'm very surprised about this game. It's polished and designed with love of details. [..]" - iTunes review, speed4mee "The best drawing game so far. Really test your reaction and focus. Thumbs up!" - iTunes review, littledgs Would you like to see something really new in the the world of line drawing games? We present to you the Craft Control and give you the chance to make your own strategy! Key elements of the game are: money, shop, upgrades, multiple checkpoints, strategy, random events and gifts. Feature list: -8 maps with different gameplay experience -opportunities for strategic decisions -fascinating and animated graphics -terrain is affecting your speed -interactive world -random events -extra bonus points -extra offers for even more cash (rarely) -multi-checkpoint system -ships getting bogged (but you can push them off) -online and local high scores