Crazy Bikers 2

OS X 10.8
Crazy Bikers 2 - The epic race around the world! One of the best action racing games with over 3 MILLION players on mobile devices, now on Mac! Crazy Bikers 2 is a unique stunt bike racing game, full of action. You have to race faster than anyone else while doing stunts. You will ride on sand, dirt or ice from Antartica to the hot deserts of Africa. Backflips, wheelies, jumps over huge cliffs, it's all in there! Crazy Bikers 2 features very beautiful, colourful and detailed graphics. Even so, what sets Crazy Bikers 2 apart is the gameplay - a work of art, literally. With a new physics engine featuring full-suspension on all bicycles and terrains hand built curve by curve specifically to give you the ultimate, smoothest, riding experience. You can be sure you'll experience absolute smoothness and control over the bike. Oh, by the way, there's more than just bicycles! Some major features: - HD, high resolution art; - High performance physics engine, completely smooth; - Full suspension on all bicycles; - 8 awesome worlds with 6 tracks each; - 12 cool and funny crazy riders and their extreme bikes; - Night mode for riding at night; - Weather effects such as snow and rain; - Turbos at the push of a button when you need more speed; - Game Center support; - Original, high quality soundtrack; - Simple but super fun game mechanics; Have fun around the world with you favorite Crazy Bikers!