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Create and play with made by you shooter game, then when you like it enough, get the compiled version and share it or publish on Apple or Google stores for free or paid. Easy development No coding is required. Customise the game look and feel: - Use your game icon or our proposal - Write your game description - Write your missions / levels description Main Features: - Enemies: 1) Zombies 2) Soldiers 3) Robots 4) Mutants Aliens - Weapons 1) AK47 Machine gun 2) M4 Machine gun 3) MP5 Machine gun 4) M1911 Pistol 5) Shotgun 6) Sniper Rifle 7) Katana sword 8) Shield And Sword 9) Grenade 10) Landmines 11) Bow And Arrows - Survivor Mode 1) Canteen 2) Food 3) Health Case - Battlefield Environment 1) Desert 2) Cave 3) Forest 4) Mountain 5) Jungle Village 6) Swamp 7) Volcano - Levels Settings Many settings possibility: 1) Sky 2) Fog 3) Ambient Light 4) Sun Light And much more What Can You Do Using Game Maker Zombi Shooter 1) Create your own game then play with it. 2) Create your own game then request the compiled version. 3) What is the compiled version? - You can get : Windows executable file (.exe) to play on your PC or give to your friends - You can get : Mac executable file (.app) to play on your MAC or give to your friends - You can get : Mac executable file (.app) to publish on Apple MAC store, in this case the game does't run on you MAC, to test or publish this version you need an Apple Developer Account. - You can get : IOS XCode complete project ready to publish at Apple App Store, in this case to test or publish you need an Apple Developer Account - You can get : ANDROID APK file, signed and ready to put on your ANDROID mobile device then play with it, you can also publish it on Google Play Store, in this case you need an Google Developer Account - You can get : ANDROID complete Gradle Project then you can build you apk package 4) You can access at all features using default coins granted free of charge, of course to get better game you have to add some coins on your wallet. 5) Learning : To create a basic game is really easy, there are also useful video tutorial 6) Game levels(missions), you can create how many levels you like, it's good practice to create levels incrementing difficulty.