Creative Book Builder

OS X 10.12
Creative Book Builder is a powerful, flexible, and professional ebook generation tool. No matter you create book from scratch or existing content, no matter your content is simple or complex, CBB enables you to build your own content in an efficient way. Comprehensive EPUB Generation * Create different kinds of layout for EPUB: Classic (re-flowable), Fixed Layout (WYSIWYG), Landscape, Portrait, and Square books. * All generated books should pass EPUB validation with EpubCheck and should be read in any EPUB readers. * Edit cover image and configure book information including book title, author, publisher, etc. * Change book style including font, indentation, direction (left-to-right, right-to-left or vertical text). * Add background and soundtrack to the book. * Import EPUB files. * Export book as PDF. * Create fixed layout book with customized page size. Powerful & Flexible Widgets * Support title, paragraph, photos, videos, audio recording, markdown, equation (LaTeX), Read Aloud, link, anchor bookmark, page break and other basic elements. * Popup footnotes and glossary can be defined and linked from content. * All widgets can be customizable. * Support external widgets (wdgt files). Editing Tools * WYSIWYG Cover Editor * Navigate whole book while recording audio. * Cut, copy, and paste elements from page to page. * Lock element to avoid movement. * Mark pages as draft version. * Synchronize books with iCloud. * Deleted books can be restored until the books are deleted permanently. * Preview book within app.