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Creature is the Cutting-edge 2D Animation Software designed to add stunningly fluid animation to your digital content. Take advantage of Creature's Directible Automated Animation Engine and powerful workflow to produce amazingly complex animation in an incredibly easy and time-efficient manner. Creature is the ideal animation Tool for game developers, digital artists and web designers wanting to add that special animated magic to make your content come alive. Features: - Bring your character to life from a single static image or an image atlas of body parts - Automate the generation of Walk Cycles, Tail flopping, Wing flapping etc. using Creature's powerful Directible Automated Animation Engine. This saves you time and streamlines your workflow dramatically - Marvel at the high quality shapes generated in your animation via Creature's advanced skinning and mesh deformation technology - Adjust animation splines and curves over time using the powerful Knot and Spline editor - Use video as source of Motion Capture input! Use Creature's Motion Transfer tools to transfer motion from your video onto your characters! - Animate your characters to follow path motion using Creature's Path Creation and Editing tools - Export your animation to: Movies, GIF, FBX, Spritesheets, Sprite Frames - Export your animation data to a variety of Game Engine Toolkits(Unity, Cocos2dx, LibGDX, MonoGame, Pixi.js, Three.js, BabylonJS) and WebGL frameworks. Source runtimes for toolkits and frameworks are provided. - Full in depth online Documentation with Video Tutorials and Samples