Crime Coast – Mob versus Mafia

OS X 10.6.6
From cops on the wrong side of the law to burly bikers who just love the smell of gunpowder, Crime Coast is the place to get your hands dirty! Have you got what it takes to round up your homies, pack some heat and take out your rivals? Choose your henchman then hand pick your goons from the leanest, meanest group of crooks the world has ever seen to form the ultimate gang. Take a blood oath with your homies to forge powerful Mafia alliances. Muscle in on your rivals' turf and prove you're the kingpin of Crime Coast! FEATURES: ● Free to play ● Daily mystery items to boost your gangster status ● Detailed city building featuring everything from junkyards to mansions ● Choose from 1 of 8 unique bad-ass henchmen from various nations featuring a range of gang combinations ● Bail out thugs, pyromaniacs, snipers and other professional crooks with the criminal attorney ● Competitive multiplayer mode featuring regular Mafia Wars tournaments ● Form alliances with other players and watch their backs – or snitch to the cops! ● Raid your rivals and steal their loot – and get your revenge when they muscle in on your turf ● Rich and detailed sprite-based art style ● Unique vehicle system. From ram raiders to car bombs, these vehicles unleash total destruction ● Strike from the skies with a tactical mini nuke or cluster bombs ● The funny side of crime – spot the movie parodies and puns. We would love to hear from you! Please send feedback to PLEASE NOTE! While Crime Coast is free to download and play, some game items can be purchased for real money. A network connection is also required. Connect and chat with Crime Coast homies and fellow gangsters on our Facebook page Shoot the breeze with the criminal underworld on Twitter Share tactics and tips on raids, henchmen and everything else Crime Coast related on our gangster forums Privacy Policy Terms of Service