CrocoMath - Your Math Teacher is a cute Crocodile!

OS X 10.11
CrocoMath is a great application for our kids to have a lot of fun with mathematics and at the same time to easily learn and improve their overall skills with all the four math operations. The application uses an approach that encourages learning. If the kids needs help to solve an exercise they can click Croco, their math teacher, to ask for the solution and they’ll get a big jump on learning the basic arithmetic, while enjoying every second of that education experience. You'll be surprised to receive requests to do more math exercises from your child! Some features: * math exercises for all the four math operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication; * 40 flash cards to learn math tables; * our kids can choose from 2 different levels based on their expertise with mathematics; * very simple design, ideal for our kids; * simple enough to encourage kids to keep trying; * exciting vibrant colors; * simple and immediate user interface, specifically designated for this purpose; * timer mode; * statistics to track progresses; * numbers are big and easily visible to kids; * expressly and exclusively designed for the Apple platforms (Mac and iPad). Thanks for using our products. Feedback is always welcome to: App Store reviews are greatly appreciated, thank you.