Croc’s World 2

OS X 10.8
Millions of players played the first part of Croc's World! Now it´s time for "Croc's World 2"!!! "Croc´s World 2" is a really nice jump'n'run with 20 incredible levels and many challenging enemies! It features: + 20 incredible levels + Nice HD-graphics + 4 different themes + many challenging enemies + 4 Endbosses Instructions: Controls: Move left: "Left arrow key" or "A" Move right: "Right arrow key" or "D" Jump: "Up arrow key" or "W" Shoot: "Space" Jump and run through the levels and dodge all enemies. Collect a helmet to crush stoneblocks. Collect the stonebag to throw stones. Collect the special stonebag to throw auto-homing stones! Collect special items like "Fast shoes" (run faster), "Firehelmet" (walk through fire) or "Shield" (Invincible for 10 seconds)! If you collect 100 diamonds you´ll get an extra life! If you like "Croc's World" then get the iPhone/iPad version with 60 levels!