CrowdBack – Your Own Surveys

OS X 10.13
CrowdBack is a tool for measuring customer satisfaction and collecting feedback through visually appealing and interactive polls and surveys. ◦ Create beautiful interactive surveys CrowdBack team worked really hard to create an eye-catching design for your surveys. You will have an opportunity to choose between dark and bright color gamut, which are perfectly combined with all possible colors. Moreover, polls are very interactive by their nature, so the process of passing the survey is not boring anymore. The result? Better conversion rates for your polls and surveys! Furthermore, the polls are modern and intuitive, because people will meet familiar actions that they perform daily in social media and other popular apps (eg. like buttons, emojis, swipes). ◦ Combine and deeply customize questions CrowdBack has more than 10 different question types. Each type can be customized, creating infinitely many possibilities for great surveys. This gives an opportunity to find and choose the best question type, which will help you to receive the most accurate answers. Moreover, different combinations of question types can help you to identify correlation or causation between two variables. ◦ Share with anyone CrowdBack surveys are self-hosted. This means you will have a single link that gives your users access to your survey. This link can be shared via SMS, mail, or any other way. Moreover, you can integrate a CrowdBack survey into your own app or website, using our code templates. ◦ See interactive visualized stats One of the most important things in statistics is to be able to analyze the collected data in the fastest way possible and come to the right conclusions. Using different mathematical algorithms implemented into the system, CrowdBack analyzes the received data in real-time and represents it using circle diagrams, bar plots, graphs, slow charts and other visualization methods. You will receive a very clear and fast understanding of the material that can be exported and post-processed (CrowdBack allows to export stats into XLSX). ◦ Unlimited questions. Unlimited answers Apart from other services, CrowdBack offers the Infinite plan. This means that you only have to purchase the app once, and you’ll be able to create as many surveys as you like. Moreover, no matter how large your audience is, you still can receive an answer from every person. There are no limits with CrowdBack! ◦ Know your audience If you are a part of an international company or a huge university with students all around the world, or just a person interested to know the level of satisfaction of your audience, then our feature that allows to see the locations of people completing the poll is just what you need. The amount of people from different parts of the world will be displayed on an interactive map right within the ‘Statistics’ tab. Please note that we are respecting our users’ privacy and only show you the city of the person who completes the poll.