Crush Beats: Club Candy

OS X 10.6.6
Crush Beats presents a tasty new rhythm game that challenges you to follow the music while you crush sugary candies! Click to the beat, max your combo bar, and score major points! Welcome to Club Candy! BOUNCE TO THE BEAT Click to the rhythm and smash yummy candies! Consecutive crushes will build up your combo bar and earn you more points! SUPER SWEET MUSIC A dozen fun and bouncy songs to groove to! Earn candy credits based on your performance and unlock more tracks! UNIQUE PERFORMANCE RATINGS Try to achieve three stars on every song to truly master the game! AWESOME VISUALS HD Particle Effects will put a smile on your face while you try to keep up with the beat! The newest and cutest rhythm game is Crush Beats: Club Candy! The most fun you'll have this year!