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Crypto Terminal is one piece of software allows you to follow supported cryptocurrency exchange markets in one place. Any pair that is listed on these exchanges can be followed on real-time with these information provided to you: - Real-Time Order Book - Real-Time Latest Trades Information - Real-Time Ticker with ask,bid,last and daily change. - Your active and past orders on a specific pair or for all pairs. Sort them as you like - Graphics for each pair. - Account balances for each supported exchange. Supported exchanges for v1.00 are: Binance and Bittrex. Supported pairs : All the pairs listed on these exchanges are available. You can view all pairs with cross rated to bitcoin ( btc ) , ethereum ( eth ) , Tether (USDT) and every other pair available on these exchanges. With one piece of software you will be easily watching supported exchanges and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple,monero,neo,bitcoin cash,litecoin,cardano,iota and many others.