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CryptoCap is a simple menu bar application for tracking all of your favorite cryptocurrencies. Create your custom list of favorites from over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. Interested in knowing when a coin hits a certain price? Just create a price alert and a notification will be displayed when your price point is hit. Features: - Track and analyze data from over 1,000 of your favorite cryptocurrencies. - Get desktop notifications when a price hits above or below a price point of your choosing. -Analyze prices, market cap, or volume from the last 24 hours to 365 days in the graph view. - Find information on price changes, market cap, and total supply. - View the cryptocurrency market as a whole with the global market data view. - See cryptocurrency prices in 32 different currencies ranging from USD to THB! -Drag and drop is now supported to organize your favorite cryptocurrencies. -Search for cryptocurrencies by name or symbol.