Ctrl Alt Delete

OS X 10.7
Ctrl Alt Delete is the ultimate fallback application for when things go awry. With a familiar hotkey combination that has saved billions of computer users around the world, Ctrl Alt Delete offers a quick fix for many computer troubles. • Did an app freeze up and stop responding? • Do you need to quickly see a list of all running programs? • Do you need to sign out, restart, sleep, or shutdown your computer with a delay that you specify? Ctrl Alt Delete packs a streamlined list of features to make your computing experience easier and more productive. • Menubar applet that doesn't clutter your dock. • Customizable hot key to complement your preferences. • Adjustable delays for system functions (sleep, restart, shutdown, and log out). • Simple to use app list that displays relevant app details. • Start at login option so Ctrl Alt Delete will be there when you need it.