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Cubetto is the Swiss army knife for business process modeling and the illustration of organizational structures. The app combines leading modeling standards in one tool: BPMN, value stream maps known from Lean Management, Event-driven Process Chains (EPC) known from the Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS), process landscapes, organizational charts, mind maps, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and flow charts. Additionally it comes with the diagram "Nodes and Edges", a template based presentation form with free graphical definition. Unrivaled and exceptional is the the consequent use of automated layout within Cubetto. You focus on the contents, the app on their presentation. Our Process-Flow-Wizard allows you to gather procedures in a speed you do not want to miss anymore. Cubetto is an excellent tool for workshops and meetings. Cubetto will be equipped free of charge with all future diagram types. Be surprised! Diagram Types - Nodes (different shapes, colors and icons) and Edges (different arrow heads and colors) - BPMN (Collaboration, Choreography, Conversation) - EPC (EPC, Organizational Chart) - SOP (Clinical Pathway) - Flow chart (Flow chart, Process Landscape, Organizational Chart) - UML (Use Case, Class and Activtity Diagram) - Mind map - Business Map (more than 300 business icons) - Value Stream Map (with automatic takt time calculation) Features - Auto-layout of all diagrams - Manual layout with automatic edge routing - Process-Flow-Wizard for faster modeling - Undo / Redo during modeling - Clear managing of your models in folders - Create custom attributes for each object type - Search for objects inside a project - Create copies of diagrams and projects - Integrated tutorial videos - Meta-informations for all diagrams - Customizable color and stroke width for all objects Interface Features - Multi-language interface - Multi-language storage of your models - VoiceOver is fully supported - English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish interface - Multi-language storage of your models Export - Cubetto ZXML (file transfer format for Cubetto 5.0 and above) - PDF, PNG, JPG (into other applications or as e-mail) - XHTML (tables of all objects) - BPMN 2.0 XML (for BPMN Collaboration) - Cubetto XML (data exchange with other devices) Import - Cubetto XML / ZXML (file transfer format for Cubetto) - BPMN 2.0 XML (for BPMN Collaboration) - Cubetto XML (data exchange with other devices) - iCloud drive and other cloud storage apps In-App Purchases - Not needed Support If you have any questions, ideas or problems regarding Cubetto please feel free to contact us via