Curvilinear Regression

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Curvilinear Regression will compute a curvilinear equation for a given set of x,y coordinates. The degree of equation is user selectable, up to six degrees. A statistical summary is also included, along with graphics (2D and 3D). Any number of projects can be stored in the Curvilinear Regression database, and an infinite number of data points are allowed for each project. Transformations can be specified during data entry. This program can be especially useful for college students and the research community. Program: CurviLinear Regression General Equation Form: y = b0 + b1x + b2x^2 + b3x^3 + b4x^4 + b5x^5 + b6x^6 Equation degree: Selectable by user (2 , 3, 4, 5 or 6) Independent Variables: 1