Cutie Monsters – Count to Ten

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Do you have little ones learning to count? Join Blushy, Toothy, Golly, Taily, Blobby, Growly and other cute monsters on a fun introduction to the numbers 1 through to 10. iOS versions of this app have been recognised as follows: • App Store Best of 2013, Innovative Kids App • Kids-Best for 5 and under - selected by Apple • Editor's Choice Award 4.5 Stars, • Featured on,"Top Apps for Kids" • Editor's Favourite Award, Cutie Monsters is a simple app designed specifically for the development needs of toddlers and preschoolers, fun jigsaw puzzles along with an interactive “Click to Count” counting book, will help young ones who are learning to count. We love making kids apps that are safe and free from 3rd party advertising. Please help us to continue to do so by purchasing other apps in the series or checking out our new Cutie Monster T-shirts on sale at