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VERY SIMPLE Having Your Mac awake from sleep, the UnlockMac system will types your password immediately. No incomprehensible options. No useless features. You do not need to configure anything. Your Mac will unlock automatically. ULTRA FAST You do not need to confirm the process. You do not need to unlock your phone. You do not need to launch any application. You do not need to use the fingerprint. It just works in the background. The phone will be the wireless key to your Mac. MAXIMALLY SECURE The password is not stored on your Mac, even temporarily. ​Paired phone sends it out every time an encrypted channel, which occurs only between devices so that the same Apple ID is assigned. It will ask for the pairing code for different Apple ID for maximum safety. The connection is only established with your phone for the duration of querying the password just to be sure of your eligibility. The UnlockMac applications never connect to the ​internet. Compatibility UnlockMac requires a Mac with Bluetooth LE built in running OS X 10.10 or newer, and an iOS device with Bluetooth LE running iOS 8 or newer.​ To use this feature, You need to download the CyberPass iOS App too: