Dance Party Crunkmas

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☆☆☆The CRUNKEST App of the 2012☆☆☆ If your not ready for a booty shaking snowman, breakdancing elf, or Santa Claus doing Gangnam Style then this is NOT the app for you! However, if you are ready to take your gaming to the next level then welcome to Dance Party Crunkmas! ☆ #1 game in the Crunk category ☆ Featured as "What's Poppin" by your brain Fast paced music based gameplay makes this the hottest app of the holidays. Swipe your mouse left, right, up, and down to the beat to score crazy high points. Rock the house with over two dozen Dubstep, Hip Hop, Dance, and Christmas remixes! Watch as your favorite holiday character cuts loose on the dance floor! UNIQUE GAMEPLAY ☆ Swipe your mouse to the beat and watch your character bust a move! Or use your keyboard to get the job done! BEAUCOUP MUSIC ☆ That's french, no big deal. It means this app has more Dubstep, Dance, Hip Hop, and Christmas music than your computer can handle! FIND YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER ☆ 5 different characters with unique dance moves! This project wouldn't have been possible without the amazing people and companies who helped out: A-Dream - Gangnam Style (Instrumental) SoFlo - "Dat Magic" and "Let's Get It Poppin" Effie Rodriguez - Icon Artwork Ainsworth Jackson - UI Artwork For a full list of attributions check out the AppHappy website! While I am in no way affiliated with them I would also like to thank PSY and YG Entertainment for creating the awesome song "Gangnam Style" and being so cool about letting people create parodies like this one and share it creatively. They own all copyrights to the original song and if you haven't already I suggest you go download it from iTunes!