Dare to Play 2 (EN/DE/PL/RU)

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This game is for those who are going to drop all the conventions and to put relationships with the partner to a new level. For those who want to diversify leisure time with your partner and going to offer this diversity for the partner by the most simple and interesting way. If you like experiments and if you always ready to make new discoveries, this game is definitely for you! The game is designed to play together, where each performs the task given to him/her one by one. It doesn’t matter, you live together for a long time, just started dating, or even become acquainted - the game will certainly bring something interesting and new in your relationship. The game has a fine-tuning: You will be able to indicate what is normal for you, and what is unacceptable, what accessories and equipment of the game you have from the list available, as well as many other settings that can help make the game individually and appropriate for you. Key features of the game: - Hundreds of tasks of different themes. You can choose what entertainment and tasks for you appropriate and possible to implement, or you can select the "random selection" and the game will surprise you. - Ability to customize the game. The game will pick up the tasks, taking into account not only your preferences but also some tools that you have. Also you can choose other criteria, and settings that can help make the game relevant and interesting for you. - Automatic rise the levels of tasks. The game is tuning the speed of raising the levels of tasks - while you play, the game will be imperceptible rise levels and make the tasks more interesting. It is also possible to raise or lower the levels of tasks by-hand during the game. - Mode "Challenges" Get the tasks and surprises, which you can please your partner any day of the week. In this game there are no losers!