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Data Prepper lets you extract, reorder, and transform columns from a CSV file. If you get file feeds from a vendor, or need to reformat data before inserting it into a spreadsheet, or need to extract only a few columns and rearrange them before inserting them in a database, then Data Prepper will come in handy. Some useful features: - Merge multiple files into one results file - Rearrange columns in input files - Include only a subset of columns - Add empty columns - Combine multiple files in to one output file - Trim whitespace from all columns or selected columns - Skip blank lines, numbered lines, or lines that contain a pattern - Read and reformat dates, times, and numbers - Powerful Regular Expressions can be used to match strings for replacement - Settings for both a job of files, as well as individual input files - Supports Tab-delimited, Pipe-delimited, and CSV files - Preview your files before running the job - Extensive logging showing any issues with the job - Auto run a job by dragging and dropping files on to the app icon Data Prepper can be used for many important tasks, such as: - Off-the-grid data processing - Making tables from data scraped from the internet - Reformat dates, times, and numbers the way you prefer - Combine files into one for importing into databases or other systems ... and much more! If you're a professional who is deluged with data, and you need to make sense of it all, get Data Prepper and save some time!