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Data Query Tool (dqt) provides access to Microsoft SQL Servers, MySQL Servers and SQLite Databases. Furthermore access to any ODBC Database if that ODBC driver is already installed on your Mac. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite drivers included. You can analyse, insert, delete and edit data and execute any kind of SQL statements that the database management system supports. Result sets from a SELECT statements will be shown as a data grid or optionally as flown text. Data can be edited directly in the data grid. Because of the embedded Script Engine it is possible to write scripts with conditional statements and / or sub functions that normally not supported by the database management system. The Script Engine encapsulates proprietary statements and allows a script for different ODBC databases. Additional features, like Syntax Highlighting ease writing scripts. * Connect directly to Microsoft SQL Servers, MySQL Servers and SQLite without any other software needed * Connect to most other ODBC Database as long as an driver is installed * Connect to multiple database at the same time * Browse database tables and views in a data grid * Modify data within the data grid (add new records, edit, delete) * Export queries to HTML or CSV (delimiter separated) * Create scripts to automate queries * Execute any valid SQL Statement the database management support