Data Recovery for BB

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Data Recovery for BB is a useful and easy-to-use application which enables you to recover lost data or extract information from a BlackBerry phone backup. Main features of Data Recovery for BB: 1. Supports recovering or extracting BlackBerry Phone photos, videos, and various of document files from the Content Store. 2. Supports extracting Contacts, SMS Messages, Notes, Call History, Calendar or Reminder, MMS Messages and Message Attachments from the BlackBerry phone backup. 3. Extracts all content in contacts including avatars, and all the Contact content will be saved as .vcf files. 4. Supports opening .bbb or .ipd files backed up by Blackberry Desktop Manager (Windows or Mac OS X). 5. Supports all Blackberry devices with Blackberry OS 4.5 - Blackberry OS 7.1. Data Recovery for BB is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or otherwise authorized by BlackBerry Limited.