Datamate Market Forecaster

OS X 10.9
Datamate™ Market Forecaster is an easy to use financial markets forecasting application employing the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning available resulting in forecast predictions with over 85% accuracy! Now you can quickly and easily forecast the future price direction for daily, weekly, and monthly time periods of equity markets, bond markets, options and derivatives markets, and others with confidence. Our market forecaster can be used to forecast the direction of any market security such as stock market equities, foreign exchange currencies, stock options, commodity and financial futures with great accuracy for up to 7 time periods forward (days, weeks, or months). • Automated online historical prices data import • Automatically handles missing input data • Automatically handles input data outliers • Forecast daily, weekly, monthly prices • Save and load import settings • Built in Quick Start and Help Guides • And more! Take control of your financial future today with Datamate™ Market Forecaster! Simply create a new project, import the most recent historical price data, and click the forecast button. Indispensable financial tool for professionals, amateurs, retirees, and anyone else who wants to improve their return on investment, protect their financial assets, or increase their trading profits. *Minimum required data input is historical open, high, low, and close prices.