Datamate Numeric Processor

OS X 10.8
Datamate™ Numeric Processor is a powerful and versatile data processor for all you number crunching needs! Normalize, standardize, scale, and manage missing data and data outliers quickly and accurately. Complete with descriptive statistics, robust reporting, and intricately configurable data output formatting. • Powerful, yet easy to use! • Fast, accurate, robust, and precise • Normalize, standardize, and custom scale your data • Replace or skip missing data • Replace or skip data outliers • Full descriptive statistics • Includes skewness and kurtosis • Save and load data processing rules • Add column headers to output • Add data prefix and suffix to output • Auto select numeric columns of data • Specify range of data rows for processing • Remerge processed data with unprocessed / textual data • 11 data output delimiter choices • Built in Quick Start and Help Guides • And more! We built Datamate™ Numeric Processor to be versatile and intuitive to use. To this end we we've included Next and Back buttons to guide you through the steps of processing your data, while at the same time allowing you to navigate through the application freely as other than importing data and selecting columns, you can apply the data processing rules in any order you want or not bother at all to configure rules you don't need as the preset default values will allow you to bypass any section of rules without configuring them or applying them. You can simply import data that you want to run descriptive statics on and do no more or additionally just output the data into another format. But the real power of Datamate™ Numeric Processor comes from configuring and applying the data processing rules. Plus you can import mixed data, in other words data with numeric and non-numeric/textual data, and process just the numeric values then remerge the non-numeric/unprocessed data with the processed data during the output phase. You can also add column headers and append prefixes and suffixes to your processed data with just the click of a few buttons.