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DataTable is great tool for data visualization and statistics analysis. It designed to work with vast amounts of data. It includes a data table, an embedded column-store, and hundreds of methods to transform, summarize, or filter data . It will save you time and effort. Data Operation: 1.CSV File Import and Export 2.Subset ,Split, Aggregate,Sort,Copy Table,Rank Data Visualization 1.Point,Bubble,Jitter Point ,Bar,Line ,Area,Pie,Nightingale Rose,Histogram Plot 2.Facet support for charts:(rect,list,tree,mirror,matrix Methods) Data Statistics + One T,Two T,Paired T Test etc. + One Z Test + Binomial Test + Kolmogorov–Smirnov Test + Normality Test (Anderson-Darling ,Shapiro-Wilk,Jarquebera Test) + Correlation Matrix and Correlation Test(Pearson and Spearman) + Covariance Matrix + Fisher's F(Var) Test + Descriptive + Probability distributions(Normal, Chi Square, F, T, Uniform, Poisson, Geometric, Negative Binomial, Hypergeometric, Beta, Cauchy, Exponential, Gamma, LogNormal, Logistic, Wilcoxon, Weibull, Wilcoxon Rank Sum Statistic. )