David & Goliath – Interactive Bible Stories

OS X 10.9
*** $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME! *** David & Goliath – Interactive Bible Stories brings the story of David & Goliath, from the bible to life for children of all ages: children can engage through the narration and the interactions provided on each scene. This app works in full-screen mode. SIMPLE NAVIGATION Easy to use: a single click or key press to open a book and to navigate scenes. INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS Children of all ages will enjoy exploring every scene in this app. It’s like a high-tech pop-up book! Every page contains various interactions - click characters to make them act out the current scene, drag battle gear onto David to help him prepare for the battle, and more! TWO BOOKS IN ONE APP! The Bible story, “David & Goliath”, is based on the actual Biblical account of events and includes Bible verses for reference. The second story, “Saying No”, is set in the present day and presents the principles of the David & Goliath story carried out in the life of a young boy named Caleb. --- How to use: You can use the mouse/trackpad to point and click on things - feel free to explore! You can also use the keyboard; for details check out the newly added "Help" menu to get a listing of keyboard shortcuts available. The basics are: Main Menu: • Use the TAB key or SHIFT+TAB to focus on different elements, then press ENTER to "click" on the focused item • The "1" key will launch the "David & Goliath" story • The "2" key will launch the "Saying No" story Interacting with any scene in a "book": • The number keys, 0-9, initiate different actions on the scene; experiment to find out what can all happen on each scene! • The left/right arrow keys will turn to the previous/next scene • The down/up arrow keys will show/hide the story text • Spacebar will toggle narration to start/stop