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Dazibao is an incredible synthesizer : create unbelievable sounds, but forget the jacks, matrix  and sliders of the modular systems. Just draw your sounds! Define several colors of the sound : with few clicks, using colors and graphs, program waveform, filtering, detune and vibrato, pan and volume, space and noise level. With this ergonomic interface it is intuitive and fast to create a color for the sound. Then combine these colors in pads, keys or in the sequencer for unique musical features With the Pad editor, combine these colors around a circle. With the Key editor, combine these colors on several time lines : each MIDI note can have its own "sound story"  if you need. With the Seq editor, arrange these colors to create sequences tuned with the chords that you play on the keyboard and which combine melodic and tone evolutions. Create anything from a classical bass line to a complex musical arrangement.  What was complex with a modular system becomes fast and easy to program with Dazibao! You will be surprised to hear how it is easy and fast to create new sounds and complex tones evolution with it! The sound editor proposes to create a "tone color" : - 79 waveforms, including organ effects, bells effects, analog like waveforms, keys, FM waveforms, woodwind effects and more...  - create your own waveforms, just drawing them, or using additive or FM synthesis. - Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and Noise generator : the triangle of saturation and brightness of the editor will help you to control the two filters and the noise level with one click!! It works perfectly, and it is easy to control. - detune and vibrato for each one of the two oscillators : control the depth and the speed of the vibrato with only one click! - pan, "space effect" (short delay) and soft clipping for each voice. Over one hundred patches are included in the Original Sound Bank to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of Dazibao. Dazibao is a MIDI synthesizer : you're supposed to have a MIDI keyboard or any other MIDI controller to play it. MacOS version only : tune freely your MIDI keyboard, attribute any frequency to any key if needed! Includes an internal recorder to record your musical performance. Then drag and drop your audio file to your host sequencer. Includes a reverb and delay unit. Create unbelievable and very original patches with Dazibao, but forget jacks, matrix and sliders : just draw your sound!