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DDB Access

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DDB Access offers a "parse & lookup" text reader for DDB and CJKVE-E. DDB (Digital Dictionary of Buddhism) and CJKV-E (Chinese Korean Japanese Vietnamese - English dictionary for classical Chinese) are collaborative works edited by Charles Muller: www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb/ http://www.buddhism-dict.net/dealt/ Special thanks to Michael Beddow who developed and steadfastly continues to maintain the DDB and CJKV-E servers. Michael makes this application possible. Using DDB Access requires a DDB password: http://www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb/ddb-intro.html#access Features: - Search dictionaries by Chinese or by translation. - Clipboard reader: copy a full text and get all words with one click. - User chooses to show pronunciations in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese.