deck presentations

OS X 10.6
deck reimagines presentations for the Post-PC era offering a way for everyone to effortlessly create beautiful presentations on any device. DROP-DEAD SIMPLE How long does it take you to create a beautiful presentation? deck allows you to create an amazing presentation in a matter of minutes. ONE-TOUCH DESIGN How many design decisions do you need to take before creating your presentations? deck offers a new way to create presentations - one that does not require you to have any design skills whatsoever. Just focus on outlining your content in a simple editor - there are no design or formatting decisions. Once you have crafted your content, you only need to take one design decision - choose a presentation theme from our in-built library. deck brings your content to life, enabling you to focus on crafting your story and letting us do the rest. BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATIONS Each presentation theme that we offer is unique and guaranteed to enhance your story with great graphics, animation and typography leaving your audience wondering - "How did she do this?!" SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL deck makes creating a world-class presentation complete with animated charts and transitions as simple as touching and tapping. Organize your data with beautiful charts and diagrams. Our charts wizard guides you to select the right type of chart for presenting your data. Quite simply, deck allows you to create good-looking presentations that make you look great!