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Send secure messages from inside your existing email (Mail, Office 365, Outlook, Gmail). Take the pain out of sharing valuable information for both you and your recipients. With DeliverySlip you’ll: 1. Protect every message and attachment with bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption. In this age of ever increasing data security threats, it’s the prudent thing to do. 2. Turbocharge your existing email and be able to: • Securely send, receive, track and control email on all your devices, • Request secure E-Signatures and E-Approvals, • Drag, drop and share any file of up to 5GBs without clogging your inbox, • Restrict what a recipient can do with your message and attachments including: i. forward freeze, ii. reply freeze, iii. add an additional password or code for ultra-sensitive content, iv. set deadlines on your messages for time sensitive information, v. instantly revoking messages at any time, even after they have been opened. • Receive real-time activity notifications the moment your message is: i. read, replied to, forwarded or deleted by recipients, ii. Instantly revoke messages at any time, even after they have been opened, iii. Stop recipients from replying to or forwarding your message, iv. Add a password for ultra-sensitive content. • Easily support your compliance, audit and legal processes with unique record identifiers a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) assigned to each email message and individual attachment, Why not send all your messages securely? With DeliverySlip you can. DeliverySlip works with AppRiver’s Cipherpost Pro, Cirius Secure email, DeliverySlip secure emaill and other Corporate secure messaging platforms.