Demolition Company

OS X 10.6.6
The successful demolition simulator is now also available for your Mac! “Demolition Company“ puts you in the lead of an up-and-coming demolition contractor. A variety of missions takes you to construction sites in different parts of the city. Get behind the wheel of a wide choice of detailed construction- and demolition machines and level buildings with the help of wrecking ball and digger. Or you may decide to use strategically placed demolition charges or the pneumatic drill to reduce the walls to rubble. Put the resulting debris into the dump truck and it will be removed automatically from your construction site. Use the money of fulfilled contracts to buy new equipment and vehicles, which will in turn unlock new missions in the city and on your testing ground. Features: - Get behind the wheel of an extensive vehicle fleet - Fulfill a wide variety of missions in several parts of the city (inner city, harbor, factory site, carriage siding, historic centre and suburb) - Get busy on your testing ground with device-specific missions (tutorials) - Download further machines and maps with the automatic mod-installation feature - From the developers of the popular “Farming Simulator”