Demolition Derby 3D

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Challenging Online Multiplayer 3D Demolition Derby Action Game! Crash-n-Smash your way to victory in this fast paced realistic multiplayer demolition derby winner take all motor sport contest to the death! Or just sit back and watch 5 drivers bang it up with each other using our sophisticated artificial intelligence logic in autoplay mode. Gamepad controller enabled - Plays great on MacBook Pro too! FEATURES: • Multiplayer networked • No monthly fees • Online web player • 5 levels of difficulty • Real audio sounds • 5 extreme levels of play • Quadratic steering assist • Multiple camera positions • Fully functional rearview mirror • Autoplay demolition derby mode • Sophisticated artificial intelligence • Forward and reverse directions • Real-world physics action • Vehicle explosions • And more! Supports Xbox 360, Logitech, and many more gamepad controllers as well as touchpad, mouse, and keypad controls.