DepthCam Pro

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Take control of your Depth Photos! DepthCam Pro is the perfect app for editing your Portrait Mode photos. View and edit the depth data embedded in your photos. Cut and paste makes it easy to edit depth data in other apps such as Photoshop. - View/Edit Depth Maps - View/Edit Portrait Effects Matte (PEM) - Smart Crop preserving depth data - Facebook 3D Photo support Smart Crop DepthCam Pro lets you crop your Portrait Mode photos without worrying about the underlying depth data. Smart Crop carefully applies the same crop dimensions to each layer of a photo, including depth data and matte if present. Facebook 3D DepthCam Pro for macOS makes it easier than ever to create 3D photos that can be posted to Facebook. Export your custom depth photos in the proper format for 3D posts. (Requires compatible iPhone to post )