Desert Force : Rescue Mission

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Special mission to the SPECIAL FORCE to handle a war in the land of middle east. You are a man in this SPECIAL FORCE who are given difficult task to handle the war in the middle east. You must use good tactics and your skills to fight the enemy. And you must be careful from attack by army of the enemy who are around you. Complete the Deadly missions in the land of middle east, to fight the enemy forces There are 14 stages of different difficulty levels, play and feel the tense atmosphere when you fight the enemy forces. Upgrade armor that you have to makes it easy to complete the mission. Be strong defense from all sides, don't be careless at every opportunity. There are terrific weapons that you can use in battle. Complete weapons and upgrade everything in each mission. Feel The Great Action The ultimate First Person Shooter with stunning 3D Graphic Quality, Good Controls. Jump into the heat of the war and push your adrenaline to the limit. How to play : - Right mouse button --> Aim crosshair - Left mouse button --> Attack (Fire) - Space --> Crouch - Key R --> Reload - Key Q --> Change Weapon - Key A & D --> Move left & right - Key K --> Use Medical Kits - Key L --> Use Ammo Box