Desktop Informant

Intel 64 / OS X
Desktop Informant is the only full-featured calendar which integrates with a full-featured task manager. Work with tasks as full-fledged citizens alongside your events. Use templates or Quick Entry to create new events quickly. Watch as we bring all the advanced features of our mobile app - Pocket Informant - to the desktop. It's designed to take full advantage of OS X 10.10 Yosemite. We didn’t just port Pocket Informant's mobile interface, but started with a fresh, new design born of months of sketching, prototyping, and real-world use. The tabbed interface gives you the ability to have your calendar customized more...

What's New

Version 0.96 (50039): Note: If you get an error upgrading from an older version (such as 0.96.3x or earlier), you will need to manually download and upgrade the software.
  • Major Informant is now broken up into a Helper, a Main app, and a dock icon plugin. This allows you to engage "Quick Entry", use the menu bar utility, and snooze alarm notifications more...


  • OS X 10.10.1 or later
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