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Dhalang Microtonal Groovebox is a standalone music software for accessible use of alternative tuning systems in electronic music composition, production and performance. Dhalang offers internal synthesizers and samplers with multitrack mixing and effecting possibilities that can be controlled with internal sequencers, touch screen or standard MIDI input. In addition to it’s traditional multitrack piano roll editing and sequencing, Dhalang also features several generative and algorithmic methods for more experimental sequencing of ((micro)tonal) music. This is a free i/o limited version of the full MG software. It has most of the features but lacks saving and loading of projects and other files, and all connectivity through MIDI output. Lite features in short: - Various preset tuning systems and scales with a custom tuning editor. - Analog-style, physically modelled, additive and FM method monophonic and polyphonic synths. - Audio Sampling with mini granulizer and audio data auto-segmentation. - Piano roll and control automation sequencers. - Algorithmic/generative sequencers: vector, matrix and particle. - Mixer with four stereo buses and many sound effects. - Network synchronisation of various cross-platform Dhalang instances. - Many UI colour themes and support for various languages. for more detailed information, visit http://www.hypertonal.net/dhalang