Dialog Editing For Film And TV For Pro Tools

OS X 10.9
Avid’s Pro Tools is the premiere DAW for editing dialog for TV and Film. Learn the Pro Tools audio editor's workflow in this advanced, 4-hour course by post-production expert, Roy Vargas. Tutorial Features: • 243 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Course Outline: 1. Session Layout: Anatomy of a Post-Production Project 2. The Video Track 3. The Guide Track 4. Production Tracks 5. Supported Session Formats 6. Session Folder Hierarchy and Storage 7. Before Starting a Project 8. A Brief Word About Timecode 9. What Are Reference Tones? 10. Reference Tones - Generating 11. Sync Pops 12. Mix Templates 13. Setting Up a Template for Dialog Editing Reference Tones 14. Setting Up a Template for Dialog Editing Sync Pops 15. Setting Up a Template for Other Tracks and Building Your Library 16. Checking Sync 17. Splitting Reels 18. Safety, Safety, Safety 19. More About Splitting Reels 20. The Screening and Spotting Session 21. Creating Scene Boundaries 22. Setting Up Your Workspace 23. Splitting Tracks... The Art of Checker Boarding 24. Multi-Track Field Recorders and Metadata 25. Balancing the Scene 26. Fades and Crossfades 27. Room Tone: A Necessary Evil 28. Removing Artifacts 29. Removing Even More Artifacts 30. Putting Words Together 31. What is Broadband Noise 32. Frequency Analyzers and the Spectrogram 33. Noise Removal Tools and Tips: EQ & Filters 34. Noise Removal Tools and Tips: Specialized 35. Repairing Distortion 36. Spectral Repair 37. When All Else Fails: AlternateTtakes 38. Recording ADR Lines 39. Comping ADR Takes 40. Elastic Dialog 41. Importing ADR into a Session 42. Narration and Other Talking Heads 43. Tempo and Pacing 44. Tempo, Pacing and Cadence 45. Gain Matching 46. To Pre Mix or Not To Pre Mix 47. Stems 48. Consolidating the Session