Diamond Castle

OS X 10.7
Recommended for agest 4 - 12. A fun coloring and interactive game with images to move, prayers to choose, and stars to light up the castle after coloring. The child can erase during the game or start over and color the castle different at each play. The game will teach your child about prayer and Christ the King who dwells in the center room of the castle. Almost 500 years ago, St. Teresa of Avila, wrote in her great works, "The Way of Perfection" and "Interior Castle" that our souls “are like a diamond castle” because "they are the most splendid place for Jesus Christ to dwell." Today, the metaphor is just a relevant as children’s play often extends to castles and kingdoms.The Diamond Castle brings this metaphor to today’s child in a fun, interactive game. The game introduces both children and adults to Jesus Christ as King of their castle and prayer as the means to have union with their King.