Didi and Ditto Preschool

OS X 10.6
Not just an app, it's a million dollar game! Educational and fun, too bad you have to be a kid to play it! This exceptional award-winning game is the ideal way to introduce children to computers It will literally captivate your 2 to 4 year olds with its adorable characters, its rich 3D environments and animation, its humor and its constant interactivity. Didi & Ditto Preschool is a fun-filled, educational adventure that will support, as well as develop, your children’s essential skills and prepare them for kindergarten while offering them a super time playing. As children explore the colorful world of Didi & Ditto, they will discover the hidden activities that help them acquire age-appropriate knowledge such as recognizing letters and numbers, counting, classifying, identifying shapes, recognizing sounds, while developing observation skills, understanding oral instructions, etc. Three levels of difficulty are available. They will love being able to play as either the girl (Didi) or the boy character (Ditto), while exploring a rich and colorful world! This is a game they will enjoy for years ! Children will practice: PRE-MATH: recognize numbers, count, identify shapes, use spatial sense PRE-READING: recognize letters, learn the alphabet SCIENCE: recognize animals, learn about the environment, learn about healthy eating ART/MUSIC: know colors, recognize sounds, sing THINKING SKILLS: use observation skills, sort by attributes, understand oral instructions SOME AWARDS: • Gold Award - Summit Creative Awards • Editor's Choice - Children’s Software Review • Mom's Choice Award • Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center • 6/6 - Quebec’s Consumer Protection Bureau • Silver Award - Parents' Choice • Bessie Award - Early Learning