digiMIX Utility

OS X 10.7
"digiMIX Utility" app is both a preset manager and a firmware update utility for use with Ashly digiMIX digital mixers. Connect the digiMIX mixer to your computer or local network using the mixer's Ethernet Control jack, or connect directly to the computer using the *USB Control jack. Launch the app on your computer. Communication with the mixer is confirmed when an IP address (Ethernet) or Device Port number (USB) is shown in the app start-up screen. Use of the USB jack may first require installation of a USB device driver on your computer. If using USB and no connection is made automatically, download and install the MAC USB driver file from the Ashly website. Once communication is confirmed, press the app's Connect button. The app status box will turn green, meaning the app is ready to use the Save/Load Presets or Update Firmware functions as described below. Save/Load Presets: The preset manager saves mixer preset settings from the mixer to a user-named computer file, or loads preset settings from a computer file back to the mixer. Note that the Save or Load Presets functions will only transfer the selected preset settings, not the preset names. The four preset file types and computer filename extensions for each are Scene (*.sScen), DSP Channel (*.sDSP), DFX (*.sDFX), and GEQ (*.sGEQ). Use the drop-down boxes beneath DSP Channel and GEQ preset type buttons to target a mixer channel when loading a DSP or GEQ computer preset file. GEQ presets can only be loaded to mixer main, subgroup, or aux output channels. To transfer all presets, including their names, use the Backup All Presets or Restore All Presets function. To delete a preset from the mixer, select the preset to delete and use the app's Delete Preset function. Update Firmware : The firmware update tool installs the latest firmware onto the mixer. Firmware is the embedded control program that runs everything within the mixer. The mixer's current firmware revision is displayed in the System screen. To update firmware, follow these steps: 1) Connect the mixer's Ethernet or USB cable if not already connected. 2) Power-up the mixer while holding down the System button until several lines of program text appear on the mixer touchscreen. 3) Launch the app. Wait for the port/IP address to be displayed in the app start-up screen, then press the app Connect button. 4) Alternately, if the app is already open and connected, you must reset the connection to the mixer by pressing the app Disconnect button, then press the Connect button when it appears again. 5) Once connected or re-connected, press the app Update Firmware button to enter the firmware program screen. 6) Within the program screen, press Program to execute the firmware update. The entire process takes about five minutes to complete.