DigInto for Google Trends

OS X 10.10
DigInto for Google Trends is a great app for exploring top searches from Google. It lets you explore Google Trends inside a responsive application layout from where users can browse through different search topics. It has integrated some of the salient features which will give you a feeling of using a native app. DigInto for Google Trends is designed to give users a fast and efficient way to access Google Trends on Mac. That too without having to do anything on a web browser. App Highlights: • Light weight and responsive app with intuitive UI. • Open app from Status menu bar. • Dedicated custom buttons for each sections. Home, Explore, Trending Search, Trending on YouTube, Top Charts and Subscription. • Open multiple window and browse more. • Search for your favorite topic using the search bar at the top of the app. • Sign in with your Google Account and personalize your preferences and settings. • Go back and forth by using the app buttons at the bottom of the left pane. • Find settings for opening app at log in in the app preference itself. • Adjust opacity of the app interface. DigInto for Google Trends is the easiest way to use Google Trends on Mac. You need to open a web browser for using Google Trends anymore. Just open the app and you are done. So, download DigInto for Google today and use Google Trends the easy way. Disclaimer: Google Inc. was not associated with the development of the app. All the Google Trends Logo, name, artworks are property of their respective owners.