Dinosaur Encyclopedia: Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Take a trip back in time to 65 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the world! These large reptiles are the most fascinating creatures to ever roam planet earth, and now you can learn all about the Tyrannosaurus Rex with an exciting interactive encyclopedia! Encyclopedia Features + INTERACTIVE EXHIBITIONS - Tired of boring flat pages? Feast your eyes on 3D interactive diagrams teaching you all about the life of a T. Rex! + INTERESTING INFORMATION - Find out all the facts and theories about how the King of the Lizards lived his life! + EASY NAVIGATION - Quickly jump through categories like History, Anatomy, Behavior and more! + HD GRAPHICS - Stunning graphics and crisp text make the Dinosaur Encyclopedia easy and fun to read! Download the Dinosaur Encyclopedia: Tyrannosaurus Rex and learn about dinos in a completely new interactive way! Be sure to check out our awesome Virtual Pets! Snuggle up with the cuddly Virtual Pet Kitty Cat or cower in fear of the ferocious Virtual Pet Lion! Like us on Facebook! facebook.com/glutenfreegames Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com/glutenfreegames