Disco Dancer – Simple Scrobbler for Last.fm

OS X 10.8
Disco Dancer makes it easy to scrobble on Last.fm the music you listen to on iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and also SoundCloud! No fancy player features, Disco Dancer does one job and does it perfectly: scrobble your music to Last.fm, making sure that you never miss a track! * Disco Dancer supports scrobbling from iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and SoundCloud * Never worry about forgetting to start scrobbling. Disco Dancer can launch automatically when your music player launches (and go away when you quit it). * Don’t ever miss a scrobble even when your device is offline. Disco Dancer will remember your music history and scrobble once you’re back online. * You can easily love a track on Last.fm by clicking the menu item while a track is playing. * Retina ready: Disco Dancer looks great on a Mac with a retina display.