Disk Care 2: Advanced Space Cleaner for your Drive

OS X 10.11
Discounted to $1.99 as part of TwoDollarTuesday More great apps on sale: twodollartues.com This 5-star app has saved thousands of people space on their drive - The reviews are in and they are unanimously positive! "Within a minute I had found an additional 31.34 GB to delete."        - Engadget - Steve Sande "Featuring a clean, minimalistic interface that looks like it was created by Apple’s own design team, Disk Care is incredibly easy to use. It’s also very powerful."         - AppAdvice - Bryan Wolfe "Disk Care is just about cleaning up space on your hard drive and it does so as simply as possible."         - LifeHacker - Thorin Klosowski Most powerful and beautiful disk space saving app on the Mac app store. Time to find you much needed space on your drive. Disk Care 2 is better than ever! Now includes: • Password protect Disk Care 2 or use Touch ID to allow the app to delete files • Touch Bar and Touch ID support with the new MacBook Pro • Now optimizes space in your potentially huge iTunes folder! Clean & create gigabytes of unneeded and unwanted files on your drive in a few clicks. - Disk Care 2 optimizes the following folders:  • Cache  • App Logs  • Old iOS  • Downloads  • Mail Downloads  • Mobile App Files  • Trash - In addition, in one click, view Large Files over 100 MB organized by largest to smallest.  • Built-in theater to view file selected  • Add any large files to clear space - Password protect Disk Care 2 so nobody accidentally deletes your files.  • Unlock with a password or  • Unlock with Touch ID (with the new MacBook Pro) - Touch Bar & Touch ID optimized  • Run the entire app from Touch Bar! From Unlocking to Starting to Deleting particular folders! - Exclude items or folders  • To make sure you never delete an item or a folder, in Preferences, add excluded items.   • Excluded items will not be listed in the Large Files view.  • Excluded items will not be deleted if they are in a folder listed above. - New OS X inspired interface - incredibly simple and powerful.  • Optimized for retina display - Tutorial and warning before cleaning your drive • Don't be scared, we guide you through everything that's happening and warn you before cleaning your drive. You can opt out of viewing the tutorial but not the warning before cleaning your drive. Note: Please, please, please backup your drive just incase you accidentally remove files you wish you didn't. There is no way to undo once you clean your drive.