DIY Clothes Master Class

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Take a master class in Do It Yourself Clothes making with this fantastic collection of Over 950 tutorial videos. You will get inspired with hundreds of ideas and will soon know how to make many fabulous items of clothing and also how to give used clothes a second lease of life. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Tutorials include: How to Bind a Quilt Making a Sausage Pillowcase Halter T-Dress How-to How-to Make Hot Lingerie Spring Skirt How-to ThreadBanger Projects How to Make A Custom Tank Top Pattern Ruffled Holiday Dress DIY How-to Make A Simple Tube Top With Fringes For Under 3 w How-to Make A Stylish Ruffled Shirt How to Make a Bandage Dress DIY - From a shirt to a cardigan Turn your oversized t-shirt into a lace up mini dress Adam Saaks Inspired T-Shirt Reconstruction Tutorial How to make doll outfit 2 round dress DIY Fashion - How to Make Ruffle Butt Underwear part 1 Pilllowcase Tutorial DIY How to Make a Lace Cardigan Easy Simple How to make a dress 1 Pattern Making How to Make a T Shirt Pattern- Sleeve Cool2Craft - Tiffany Windsor - Tattered Floral Bracelets Handmade Flower Tutorial Bleached Skinny Jeans ThreadBanger Projects Vintage Lollipop Flower Tutorial Mar 20 2010 Sewing - Make Your Own Clothes - Learn Sewing - Download and Sew Your Pattern How to Fit a Bra Invisible Bra Tips Yo-Yo Smocking How to make sewing patterns that fitwmv How To Make a Dress Form Mannequin Pin Cushion - The DIY Dish Show The 5 Minute Dress Gather Fabric Fast - Quick and Easy Steps Continuous Prairie Point Tutorial How to Shirr or Smock Make a pattern from your favorite pants Tossed Nine Patch Technique Jelly Roll Race A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour How to quilt as you go Printing fabric on an inkjet printer part one E13 - Draping 101 Draping FrontBack Bodice Part 1 of 2 E13 - Draping 101 Trueing FrontBack Bodice Part 2 of 2 How to Sew Box Pleat Pockets with Simplicity Creative Group Simplicity Pattern 2172 - Steampunk Coat 208-1 Peggy Sagers demonstrates jacket construction on Its Sew Easy Pattern Drafting Using Adobe Illustrator Brief Overview Make your own quilters design wall Sewing DIY Liberty Tea Cup DIY Animal Jumpsuit Costume Onesie Kigurumi SEWING Make a very easy FLEECE HAT High-waisted Shorts with Pockets Tutorial DIY - garter pastel goth DIY Cut-Out Collar Shirt DIY Clothes 4 DIY Shorts Projects from Jeans Easy DIY Clothes 5 DIY T Shirt Projects - Cool DIY Clothes 3 DIY Shoes Projects DIY Sneakers Boots Fashion More Amazing How to Make an Apron How to Make a CircleSkater Skirt Pleated Skirt Tutorial- Cosplay Fashion etc DIY Sherlock Inspired Reversible Cape DIY A Faux Fur Cape Darling DIY Box Pleat Skirt DIY Shirt Dress from Mens Shirt Easy Reconstruction DIY Floral Kimono Jacket Easy Lace Sweetheart Tutorial DIY Bow Tie Lace Blouse DIY Skater Skirt Ft Poppily Simple Sweetheart Top Tutorial How to Make a Cocoon Shawl Cardigan - Free sewing pattern tutorial - PART 1 How to Make a Cocoon Shawl Cardigan - Free sewing pattern tutorial - PART 2 DIY Turtleneck Crop Top DIY Revamp Your Old Clothes NO SEW DIY Reconstructed T-Shirt Ideas 5 Ways To Revamp An Old TShirt NO SEW - The DIY Project EP 4 Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts - AndreasChoice Revamp Old Tee Shirts Part 2 DIY Bows DIY 2 Cheap Winter Sweatshirt Designs DIY Bow Sleeve T-shirt 3 Columns Weave Bows - Cut Up T-Shirt - Purple Hamburger Disco T-Shirt DIY Quick Easy High-waisted Shorts DIY MITTENS no sewing DIY Holiday Skater Dress DIY Kimono Cardigan DIY - kawaii dress DIY Circle Skirt without zipper method Kawaii DIY - How To Restyle Your Old Skirt to Lolita Jumper Skirt Kawaii DIY Dress- How to Restyle Your Old Clothes to Lolita Dress and many more.