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Doctor Numbers : Math Challenge

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Math is fun!! From Kids and Family to challenges among friends, "Dr. Numbers" teaches math in a simple and fun way. With the help of "Doctor Numbers" your child learns math with fun, playing and learning. But the "Doctor" also likes tough challenges , with 4 levels of difficulty, always different, from simple calculations with fractions to linear equations. Train your mind! Amaze your friends and keep your brain in shape. Suitable for learning by the pupils of elementary school and great fun with challenges among friends or retired grandparents who love to stay young. - Learn Math while Playing. - Playing means having fun and Doctor Numbers : Math Challenge is funny !! - When the challenge gets tough it's time to proof your ability. - A very healthy educational pastime for your kids and adults. - A substitute for flash cards. - This app has the 5 Star Quality Mark of 'NuOxygen' : only innovation and quality apps. - www.nuoxygen.com - Top 10 Apps for Elementary Schools. - App number one in Europe for learning mathematics with fun.