OS X 10.6
DocumentCompare is an easy-to-use application for comparing text documents. Even minute changes between two versions of the same text are recognized by DocumentCompare and displayed concisely. In contrast to similar applications, DocumentCompare is able to preserve text formatting throughout the process of comparing the chosen documents. So-called “formatted text” with different fonts, sizes and styles (e.g. bold or italic) will be preserved unchanged. This is why you can, for example, use DocumentCompare to find what changed from one version of a web page to another. HTML files and even Safari web archives (.webarchive) can be used as source files. DocumentCompare is able to handle all files that can be read by Apple’s TextEdit. The files will even look the same, as both programs use Mac OS X’s text engine. Features • Compares formatted text • This includes tables (e.g. copied from Apple Numbers) • Displays changes side-by-side • Reads all files that can be read by Apple’s TextEdit and • Displays them in the same way • Supported formats include ▪ RTF ▪ Word (.doc and .docx) ▪ OpenDocument text (.odt) ▪ HTML files and even Safari web archives (.webarchive) • Imports the text content of PDF files More Info On our website, you can find support, an FAQ, a trial version as well as detailed feature descriptions and documentation.