Doodle Drops : Physics Puzzler

OS X 10.6.6
“Who knew a game like this could be so fun? I’ve played over 100 levels... and that’s only the levels that came with the game! I still haven’t tried the community created levels yet! - Mitch B., Seattle, WA Over 10000+ levels and counting. Can you beat them all? Jump in and play As soon as you download the app, you’ll have access to over 10,000+ levels to play The next Doodle Drops star Create your very own user profile and make a name for yourself in the community. How will you influence the community? BYOL: Create and innovate We’ve provided you with a full-functional level creator and editor, out the door. Use your skills to create some of the best levels, today Sharing is caring Show off your best levels to all of your friends and family with Facebook and challenge them Rewards & prizes! Earn tickets by playing, creating, and sharing levels. You can use these tickets to buy more tools, obstacles, and packs! Anyone can join Invite the people you care about with the touch of a single button to join in on the fun Good luck! We’ll see you on the leaderboards :) Features: -Over 10000+ levels out the door -Fully functional level creator and editor -Dynamic & diverse community -Share levels on Facebook -Real-time push notifications! -Free forever Learn more about Doodle Drops and other Doodle Games at For questions, comments, and feedback please contact us at